ED 205

Friday, June 09, 2006

Website Evaluation


1. This site does not have a tilda or a % sign, and has a .org ending. The publisher is not listed, but the site is hosted by Stormfront. This does not correspond with the site name.

2. Most of the time, an author is not listed. However, on one article, the author is stated as Samuel Francis and another as Kevin Alfred Strom. There are no credentials listed, and it is lacking dates for most articles.

3. This site provides links to several sites that bash Martin Luther King. Not much is credited, and the site is overwhelmingly biased. The creator is trying to persuade its audience to believe everything taught about Martin Luther King is wrong and that he was not a hero after all.

4. I went to Google and typed: link: http://www.martinlutherking.org/, and there were about 2,200 sites linked to the page I am reviewing. One of the sites actually talks about how to evaluate WebPages, so that’s relieving. This site is listed third on Google when one types “Martin Luther King.” There were several links to the author Kevin Alfred Strom, including a wikipedia article that describes him as “the Managing Director of National Vanguard, a racist, white separatist and homophobic organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia.” Samuel Francis also has several links appear in the Google search engine, and he too is referred to as a racist.

5. This site was put on the internet to give a slanted, biased point of view. Lacking in facts and valid support, this site gives a horrible and false representation of Martin Luther King. Because of these things, this site is completely inappropriate for schools. I think students can learn to be less trusting of the internet if they go through and evaluate sites just like we have been doing in class. If students evaluate for authority, affiliation, content, audience/currency, and design, they should have a much better idea of whether or not it is a good site to rely on. As mentioned earlier, this site appeared third in a Google search. I think it probably got there because it seems like a relevant hit--it contains all three words from the search box, and also contains words like “true” and history.”